Quality People/ Offer Chaos a Cup of Tea

Wow, it’s already mid-December- where did the year go? I can’t believe 2018 is around the corner.  Honestly sometimes I sit here still in disbelief that this is where life took me. It’s not that I’m in denial of this radical change.  And it’s not that this isn’t where I want to be right now.  It’s that I now have so much opportunity in front of me.  New Opportunity.  Letting go of someone else’s actions, someone else’s choices, allowed me to move forward and see things in a new light.  I am only responsible for my actions, my choices.  Reminds me of coaching and the lesson of controllables vs. uncontrollables.   Good one Augy!

I’m wrapping up a fantastic trip out east.  Being on the road for the last 6 months has only reiterated how lucky I am to know so many incredible people.  I think going through divorce this year has allowed me to meet people I may not have known otherwise.  I have spent the last couple of months with Cody and Anna (and Cyrus!) and I have to say- I’m going to miss my little family.   This family and many other friends (hey Serra and Dan!) helped bring Leonard home.  It’s amazing how all of these people came together and somehow Leonard was found- from bushwhacking, making signs, setting traps, looking for tracks, dissecting poop, keeping my morale alive, building a fire every night, making coffee, sharing dinner, eating donuts at the Art Factory, etc…. Climbing definitely attracts some quality people.  And I know we will run into each other again.

It’s time to head West.  I’m looking forward to sunshine in the desert (and javelinas…and tortillas).  It’s easy to read the news and get depressed about the state of the world.  But then you surround yourself with beautiful people and remember that the world is full of light and hope.  And donuts. Cheers to 2018.



Donuts in Teneessee


Me and my boyfriend, Cyrus 🙂

Cows and Cones and Cats

Ice cream cones that is.  Plenty of cows and ice cream cones in Ten Sleep.  And HOMEMADE whipped cream.  I was a barista for a couple of years and after making whipped cream, I became a snob for the good stuff.  Dirty Sally’s makes the good stuff.

Also-  Pretty cool to be surrounded by cows.  (unless they wake you up at 6am (Martha???)

20170714_181546 (1) Leonard doing what he does best.  I mean LOOK AT HIM.


Looking out the back window at a cattle drive.  July 2017


4th of July was pretty rad.


One thing I’ve learned through this divorce is how incredible my friends and family are.  It’s not that I didn’t know this before, but WOW, I am so lucky to be surrounded by numerous people who have looked out for me over the last 6 months, those near and far. Whether it’s been cheering me up over the phone, playing with their puppies, going on a hike (and I never hike), giving me legal advice, parking the van in their driveways (and running in before I shit my pants in the morning), doing laundry, using internet, mailing uplifting cards, helping me install solar panels, having me over for dinner, having me over for breakfast, keeping my truck parked forever in front of your house (hi Tim and Jaime), making me laugh, making me cry, rubbing cat bellies, going climbing, taking care of me when I got my wisdom teeth out (hi Mom, hi Jana), belaying me when you’ve already sent (what up Nick), throwing a going away party with PIZZA AND DONUTS! (what up Team RJ!), I am truly lucky to know you all.   I’m afraid to list everyone because I might leave someone off but I’d really like to give a shout out to Sarah Boman.  She has been a life line in my life and probably doesn’t even realize it.   Sarah- I couldn’t ask for a better friend, you are THE DEFINITION of a best friend.  I can never repay you for all you’ve done for me- especially when you made CAT CAKES!!!  Cheers to more cake in our lives.


Catlife, Vanlife 2017

After a very difficult start to the new year, I am embracing uncertainty and stepping out of my comfort zone far beyond what I thought was possible.  But when your husband walks out of your life one day what other option do you have but to stare fear in the face and hold your head high? I always tell the team kids, ‘you’re stronger than you think you are.’  So I keep repeating that to myself.  I think it’s starting to work 🙂  It’s interesting how all those little climbing mantras I’ve said over the years apply to every other aspect of my life.  Breathe. Relax.  Keep it together.  So in an attempt to keep my shit together, I will hit the road after youth divisionals to climb at some of my favorite domestic crags.  It’s quite the bittersweet journey.  I’ve wanted to live on the road for YEARS, I just never thought it would be under the given circumstances.   But as my friend Courtney reminds me: Fortune Favors the Bold.  So with two guard cats in the front seat…let the adventure begin 🙂



Thanks for stopping by!

Why claws? Because I love most animals with claws. Especially cats and prairie dogs.

Why quickdraws?  Because I love sport climbing!!! Oh, and bouldering! Though I don’t really discriminate.  I’m psyched to just get outside!  I normally spend half the year sport climbing and the other half bouldering.   Drop a line if you are in Colorado and want to climb!